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1423 S Higley Rd Ste 117 Mesa, AZ 85206

Day, Evening, and Weekend Classes Available

New Front Office Workshops – Mesa, AZ

Front Office Workshops for
Current Dental Staff

As part of our commitment to providing valuable, convenient training to enhance dental offices in Mesa, Arizona, we are excited to now offer Front Office Workshops for current front office staff and dental assistants who are looking to improve their skills and equip themselves with the best resources and tools to enhance their practice and careers.

Led by two seasoned Front Office Managers and certified Dentrix trainers, you’ll learn first-hand from these experts the most effective methods that they’ve developed over a combined 62 years of experience in the dental field.

Our workshops will be held in a general dental office, so you can get valuable, hands-on experience. Each 3-hour workshop will take place once a week in the evenings, with an optional, hour-long 1-on-1 training per course, and computers will be provided.

For Front Office Managers

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A successful front office team can make the difference between a profitable practice with a full schedule and one that’s struggling to keep up. Having a successful practice isn’t a one-time achievement—it requires continual training to meet evolving patient needs. Our workshops give you a deep-dive into a variety of topics that together, provide a comprehensive look at all front office responsibilities. From phone etiquette to boosting case acceptance, as well as scheduling and coding, we’ll show you ways to improve performance in every aspect of the job.

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