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1423 S Higley Rd Ste 117 Mesa, AZ 85206

Day, Evening, and Weekend Classes Available

Front Office Courses – Mesa, AZ

Front Office Workshops
for Current Staff

Our workshop series for current front office staff is meticulously designed to provide you with the skills necessary to not only benefit your practice, but also allow you to have more impactful interactions with your patients. Below, we’ve provided a summary of each workshop and what skills you’ll learn by attending. If you’d like to enroll, don’t wait to reach out to us today!

Course Calendar & Cost

Meet our Instructor
Alison Quinn

  • Working in Dentistry since 1994.
  • Managing Dental Offices for over 25 years.
  • Former Dentrix Certified Trainer for 10 years.
  • Former Dentrix Seminar Trainer & Speaker. 
  • Speaker at the AZ Dental Association.
  • Utilizing Dentrix since version 3.0.

Workshop 1: Successful Communication

The workshop teaches valuable communication skills that will enhance your patient care as well as your ability to collaborate with your coworkers and work in a team-based environment. We will also discuss the best way to answer the telephone, which is oftentimes the first impression that a patient has of a practice that will determine whether they come in for their appointment or not. The workshop will also provide you with ways to handle adverse situations and keep a positive attitude, even when it’s tempting not to.

Workshop 2: Front Office Duties

What does the front office really do? This workshop will cover all aspects of front office responsibilities, including patient forms, HIPAA, time management, day-to-day tasks, and going beyond the call of duty, as well as tips to make your work day more efficient.

Workshop 3: Scheduling

The success of an office depends on keeping a full and smooth-running schedule. We’ll discuss how to keep patients from cancelling at the last minute, how to handle dental emergencies, and how you can save the day if your schedule falls apart. We’ll give you the skills and resources to work smarter, not harder.

Workshop 4: Insurance and Coding

The long-standing mystery of handling dental insurance claims will be solved during this workshop! You’ll learn how to code procedures properly and what certain plans cover. We’ll also go over how to best utilize management software and your website, as well as advocating for your patients by appealing claim decisions.

Workshop 5: A/R

Your practice’s accounts receivable tells a big story. This workshop will help you navigate how to manage your A/R, setting up financial policies that work for both you and your patients, and utilizing EFTs for reimbursement and faster payments. You’ll gain skills to make your practice profitable as well as how to set realistic goals for financial success.

Workshop 6: Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance

It’s essential to be able to communicate the doctor’s treatment plan and diagnosis to the patient, because if you do it well, the higher case acceptance rates you’ll have. You’ll learn the most effective ways to present a treatment plan to a patient, how to discuss financial obligations and maximize their dental insurance coverage, and how to seal the deal by scheduling their treatment.