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1423 S Higley Rd Ste 117 Mesa, AZ 85206

Day, Evening, and Weekend Classes Available

Dental Office Management Training Program - Mesa, AZ

Learn About Our Dental Office
Management Training Program!


A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office in Mesa, Arizona, established since 2013, is offering a highly efficient Dental Office Management Training Program! that prepares you with knowledge and essential practical skills necessary to qualify for an entry level position in a general dental practice as a member of the management team. This program is a class-based instructional course, held in a general dental office with a lecture area as well as treatment rooms for top notch hands-on training, in addition to a laboratory and sterilization areas. The program duration is 12 weeks long, 2 segments a week and each segment are 4 hours, a total of 96 hours, in addition to a minimum of 20 hours of externship.

Classes schedule are Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm, thus allowing the students to hold a full-time job while attending the Dental Office Management Training Program. During the program, students will observe and participate in various exercises and procedures as part of the course requirements.

Our aim is to provide you an effective management training that is also practical and convenient to equip you in becoming a valuable top-tier member of the dental office management team in just 12 short weeks!

You’ll be training under the supervision of a highly experienced instructors that will offer you the very best of essential training to enable you to truly make a difference for the patients, dentists and your team every given day.

One of the key ways to save you time is with our numerous class schedule options.

No matter what is your schedule, we have a class that works for you!

Learning Objectives and Subjects

Our trainees will be able to assist the dental office management team in carrying out their daily responsibilities to run the dental practice smoothly and more efficiently, primarily including scheduling patient’s appointments, maintaining patient’s records, adding to filing insurance claims, tracking patient payments, producing daily, weekly and monthly reports, how to treatment planning what the dentist has diagnosed, and many other essential tasks. Generally, dentists enjoy having members of their management team with dental assisting background and knowledge. Dental office management team are often the first point of contact with patients. It is also important to have interpersonal skills because this team member interacts with all people on a daily basis.

Our graduates will be able to engage in patient education, assisting a general dentist in chairside, passing instruments, taking impressions, disinfecting and sterilizing instruments, and disinfecting and setting up the treatment rooms.

Our Course Classes Options!

If you have a full or part-time job, that’s not a problem for we do offer multiple classes that are available Monday through Saturday in the morning, evening and weekends classes. These classes are ideal for busy adults who are looking to transition into becoming a member with the dental office management team.

Still have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

What These Options Mean for You?

This array of classes means that there is nothing holding you back from becoming a top-tier most valuable dental management team member! If you are looking to work in a high-paced, exciting, and rewarding career, then our classes options put it easily within your grasp.

Our A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office in Phoenix goes the extra mile for you to make it easier to get the timely training you need to fit your own schedule.

Whether you work full-time or part-time, have children, or simply want a rewarding positive change in your career life, then our team can help you put together a schedule of classes that will fit your schedule and meet your needs!

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to enroll today, simply click here to get started. We keep our class sizes very small so each student can get a higher quality of education and skills. Best training is one-on-one with highly experienced instructors. Spots are filling up very fast, so don’t hesitate if you believe that dental office management is the field for you then just simply give us a call today. We’re always willing to work with you to make it easier to start the next successful chapter of your life.

Contact us to reserve your spot on the next available class.

Tuition & Financing

A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office provides our trainees with the most valuable education and skills that will prepare and equip our students with knowledge and essential tools that they need to attain a position as an entry level in a general dental office with the management team.

Our tuition and fees are designed to cover the costs of giving you the professional education and set of skills that you needed to build your successful future!

Dental Office Management Training Program

12-Week Course

The total cost of the program:



  • Tuition: $4,050
  • Registration Fee: $200 (to reserve a seat, before class starts)
  • Books, Manuals and Supplies: $250 (non-refundable once opened)

We do offer a number of suitable payments plans designed specifically for our students with no hidden fees!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Explore Our Dental Office Management Course Outline

Dental Office Management Team Responsibilities

What does the dental office management team really do?

What are their responsibilities?

What skills and knowledge does it take to become the MVP of a successful

dental management team?

Our trainees will explore all the aspects of what really goes on in the dental office management field, learning to adhere not only to the standards of OSHA & HIPAA and following their guidelines, but also to be trained on becoming the multi-tasking and time management expert that run a successful dental practice, by enabling you not just doing a job, but equipping you to go beyond the call of duty and responsibility, and make you shine like a star!

Course Outline:

  • Orientation to Dentistry & Dental Anatomy
  • Sterilization & Treatment Rooms Disinfection
  • Introduction to Four-Handed Dentistry
  • Diagnostics Models
  • Successful Communication
  • Scheduling Patient’s Appointments
  • Accounts Receivable & Reports
  • Treatment Planning & Case Acceptance
  • Front Office & Dentrix Software
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Job Placement assistance
  • Externship