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Dental Assisting Program – Maricopa County, AZ

We Can Help You Become a Dental Assistant

Here at the A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office, our goal is to help you achieve your dreams of becoming an incredible dental assistant in a fraction of the time that it would take through other programs. Dental assisting is a field that’s actually exploding in popularity. For this reason, we strive to help you reach your goals more quickly than anyone else!

That being said, just because our dental assisting program in Maricopa County is faster than others, doesn’t mean we cut corners. Throughout your journey with us, you’ll be working with experienced instructors who are outstanding in their field. They are more than capable of imparting you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make a difference in patients’ and doctors’ lives every day. One of the primary ways we’re able to save you time is by offering a plethora of class options. We have options that will fit into virtually any schedule!

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Our Course Options

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Just because you have a full- or part-time job doesn’t mean you can’t attend our program. We offer night classes Monday through Thursday. If you’re a busy adult who’s looking to transition into a career in dental assisting outside of regular business hours, we’re here for you. Just give us a call to learn more.

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What Do These Options Mean for You?

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The variety of classes we offer means there is virtually nothing holding you back from attaining your dreams of becoming a dental assistant. If you’re interested in a highly rewarding, exciting, and fast-paced career, our program for dental assisting in Maricopa County can easily present you with the tools you need to accomplish that. Rest assured that we do our utmost to ensure you receive the training you need on your schedule. Whether you currently have another job, have children, or are simply looking for a positive career change, our friendly team can help you construct a class schedule that meets your unique needs.

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How Can You Get Started?

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If you’re ready to enroll in classes today, simply give us a call to get started. Our class sizes are kept fairly small to maximize each student’s quality of education. However, class seats tend to fill up rapidly, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you believe a career in dental assisting is right for you.

For any further questions about our class options and how we can personalize your class schedule to accommodate your needs, again, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us. We’re always ready to help you get started on the first step of your journey toward reaching your dental assisting aspirations!

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