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Dental Assisting
Career Paths

If you’re looking for a career that helps people, dentistry offers many avenues to make a positive difference in others’ lives. At A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office, you can pursue a dental career that fits your personality, talents, and needs. Below are some of the professions you can achieve through your training here. Are you ready to begin your new life in dentistry? Contact us to enroll today!

Dental Assistant

Four dental assistant students in front of building

This entry-level position plays an important role to help any dentist’s office run smoothly. From taking X-rays to greeting patients, assisting dentists and everything in between, performing many functions for the overall success of the practice. They also help patients have a positive experience in the dentist’s office, which can encourage lifelong dental care. Every day, dental assistants get to meet new people and face new challenges.

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Certified Dental Assistant

Large group of dental assistant students in front of building

After a year of working as a dental assistant full time, you are eligible to take the Dental Assistant National Board test for certified dental assistants. If you pass, you can earn higher pay because of your additional knowledge and experience. In this capacity, you also can maintain many clinical and office responsibilities. As with many other professions, the more experience you gain, the higher your pay can become.

Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Dental assisting class in front of building

On top of the usual responsibilities of a dental assistant, an expanded function dental assistant (EFDA) is capable of placing dental sealants and different kinds of fillings. EFDAs are licensed with the state, and to qualify for this license, you have to be a certified dental assistant and have at least two years of experience. For dental assisting, this position is the highest employment level you can achieve.

Dental Assistant Instructor

Dental assisting instructors in front of building

Are you interested in the dental field but love to teach? Becoming a dental assistant instructor could be the right career path for you. In this position, you can educate and train others in radiology, identifying important dental tools, dental record keeping, and hands-on instruction. In order to become a dental assistant instructor, you must have prior experience as a dental assistant. You can also help students develop the skills necessary to interact with patients in a professional, compassionate way.

Dental Office Business Team Administrator

Six dental assistant students at training event

Primarily responsible for scheduling patient appointments, record keeping, and managing financial information, dental business administrators are often the first point of contact for patients. In addition, they are responsible for filing claims with dental insurance and tracking patient payments and need to have computer and bookkeeping skills. In many cases, dentists enjoy having members of their business team with a dental assisting background and knowledge. It is important to also have interpersonal skills because this team member interacts with patients on a daily basis.

Dental Sales Representative

Group of dental assisting students posing in front of school

A dental sales representative’s main responsibility is to ensure that dental practices have the necessary equipment, supplies, and technology necessary to stay current with the ever-changing dental field. Sales representatives interact with dentists and their staff to arrange for supply delivery and should be familiar with the needs of dentist’s offices, have some talent with sales techniques, and be confident and friendly with dentists.

Dental Hygienist

Two dental assistant trainees with face masks

With additional education and training, a dental hygienist is qualified to clean patients’ teeth and perform examinations for overall oral health concerns. As a result, they play a critical role in helping patients maintain their healthy smiles. Dental hygienists need to be proficient in dental terminology and tools, using those tools to remove built-up plaque and tartar. In many cases, having knowledge and training as a dental assistant increases the chances of getting accepted into dental hygiene school.

Dental Consultant

Seven dental assistant trainees in front of school sign

As someone familiar with how dental practices operate and function, a dental consultant oversees a dental practice and recommends ways to improve efficiency. They may even train the dentist and staff in helpful systems, adding value to the practice. Training with A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office gives you knowledge of the terminology and dental office procedures. It’s helpful if you are an effective communicator and experienced in the industry.


Five dental assistant students at an event

You can’t have a dental practice without a dentist, who diagnoses and treats teeth and gums. They have advanced training and can also generally perform corrective oral surgery, eliminate gum disease, and restore teeth after damage or decay. They can specialize in many areas, including orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and more. Did you know that some dentists started their careers as dental assistants? They loved the profession so much that they decided to go to dental school.