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Which One of The 5 Dental Assisting Student Types Are You?

February 12, 2020

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a dental assisting student writing down notes in class

It can be hard navigating the curriculum of dental assisting school, especially if you’re a certain type of student. There’s no one study trick to help get you through the entire program, because everybody thrives in different environments. As you make your way through your classes, you may learn that you’re one of these five types of dental assisting students. Find out which of these descriptions fits your personality best to determine how you can thrive in your new job!

Organized & Ready To Take On A Challenge

If your notes aren’t color-coded and your planner isn’t properly filled out, you feel a twinge of stress. You always make time to study and learn everything there is to know about dental assisting so you can feel confident when it comes to taking any tests. You’re committed to completing your homework as soon as possible and most likely to volunteer to help your instructor in class for the additional hands-on experience. As a dental assistant, you’ll help keep the office on schedule and make them more efficient.

It’s All About Networking

You’re most passionate about making new connections in dental assisting school because you believe that who you know plays a large role in your future success. You prefer classroom open discussions that allow you to get to know your peers better and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Any chance you get, you sneak in to your instructors office hours for a quick chat about your last class. Once you get your first dental assisting job, you’ll be great at making patients feel welcomed and cared about.

Focused & Reserved

Sticking to books and notes is the best way to become a great dental assistant in your eyes. You’re fairly reserved, which means that you’re not one to chomp at the bit to speak while you’re in class or on campus. Your goal is to graduate with good grades by studying hard, and your least favorite words to hear are “group project.” As a dental assistant, you’ll be able to offer a unique perspective and deliver the highest quality of dental care to patients.

Fine With Procrastinating

Putting off your homework until right before it’s due is a routine occurrence for you. When you know you have an exam, you wait until the night before to cram for it. Even though you’re motivated to graduate, you value every second you can spend with friends, family, or just hanging out at home over homework. Once you start your job as a dental assistant, you’ll need to make sure that you’re prepared for when the dentist needs your help.

About A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office

Our program is designed to accommodate every type of student and provide them with the hands-on training and knowledge needed to feel confident in their future careers. We have smaller class sizes with multiple instructors, which creates a personalized and intimate learning environment that is typically more comfortable for students. We also offer job placement support that includes externship opportunities, cover letter and resume help, and interview guidelines. For questions about our upcoming class starting May 26, 2020, visit our website or call 480-457-8330.

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