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Which Type of Dental Assistant Student Are You?

October 24, 2019

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Are you looking forward to starting school for dental assisting in Mesa? Going to school is different for everyone, and can be harder or easier for them depending on their personalities and what subjects they thrive in. Whether you’re good at socializing, taking notes, or group work, each of these qualities has a very unique benefit in the dental assisting world. Finding your academic stride can make the rest of your schooling a breeze. Find out which of these types of students you are so you get an idea of what parts of dental assisting school you’ll excel in.

Proactive and On Top Of It

The proactive student is driven to succeed and not just pass, but excel at everything they do. Your notes, homework, and each assignment you turn in are organized and neat. You do your homework as soon as it’s assigned and always aim for an A. You want to contribute to the class and all group all assignments and always hope to give valuable input. Sometimes, you volunteer to be the group leader because it allows you to oversee the quality of other people’s work and ensure that it meets your standards.

Quiet and Considerate

The quiet student is more introverted and doesn’t enjoy drawing attention to themselves. You would rather listen and learn than interrupt the class or group’s train of thought. You’re incredibly focused on succeeding and you excel working by yourself as opposed to in groups. If you have to do a group project, you like to stay in the background, but you’re still worried about producing high-quality work that your teacher compliments.

Chatty Social Butterfly

As a social butterfly, your classes are just as much about making connections as they are about learning. You thrive in collaborative environments like group projects and open class discussions and aren’t afraid of asking questions. You want to make a good impression on other students and faculty members, but sometimes it’s easy for you to get distracted by side-conversations.


Being a dilly-dallier is notorious for procrastinating, but that doesn’t mean you’re not motivated. It just means that you have a difficult time sticking to a schedule and starting a project. In an attempt to become more organized and get things done, you may write a “to-do” list. The only problem is that after you write it, you never take it out of your backpack to remind you what you have to complete. You believe your best quality of work is produced last-minute, but that’s just because you’ve never produced something that wasn’t made last minute. You’re no stranger to pulling all-nighters and energy drinks.  

Ambitious Dreamer

Being an ambitious dreamer is never a bad thing, but it can keep you from focusing in class. During your courses, you dream about what a day in the life of a dental assistant is going to look like for you. You doodle on your notes about what you’re going to make for dinner that night and how your future workplace will look. Studying outside of class isn’t so bad for you, though. You enjoy hitting the books and learning new things because you know it will make you better at your job.

No matter what type of student you’re going to be at dental assistant school in Mesa, there’s no doubt that you’ll give it your all and will be successful! As long as you put the time and effort into your work, you’ll be able to start a fulfilling career that allows you to impact lives in only 12 weeks!

About the School

At A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office, we offer a fast-paced and hands-on program that prepares our students to enter the dental office and have the maximum impact on their patients. Each of our classes average six students and is taught by an instructor who is experienced and knowledgeable. After our students graduate, they’ll receive job placement assistance from our staff so they can jump right into the workforce. For questions, or to sign up for our next programs in December 2019 or January 2020, visit our website or call 480-457-8330.

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