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After Dental Assistant Training in Mesa, Here are Some Reasons You May Work a Second Job

July 17, 2019

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If you’ve completed dental assistant training in Mesa, you’re probably ready to jump into the workforce and start utilizing all of your new skills. Some assistants choose to work second jobs because they find that they have some extra free time towards the end of the day. Plus, nowadays, people often hold multiple jobs so they can afford their bills along with other luxuries they’d like. Read on for some reasons that you may decide to take on a second job in addition to being a dental assistant.

Earn More

After you complete the dental assistant program in Mesa, you may decide you’d rather have a comfortable financial cushion instead of additional free time. One top reason that professionals choose to get a second job is to have additional income. Today, this can make a huge difference and relieve the stress related to strict budgets and monthly bills. Whether you choose to work in retail or service industries, sometimes a paycheck can’t cover all of your expenses.
Keeping a busy schedule may be a great thing for some people as well. Instead of moping around your house, that second job could be what gets you out and about, especially if you’re a dedicated worker. A lot of dental assistants like to stay one step ahead of the game and utilize their time to earn a steady worry-free stream of income.

Pursue Additional Passions

With your extra time, you may decide you want to pursue other hobbies and passions outside of dentistry. Whether that’s artistry, baking, or working with animals, having additional time at the end of each day gives you the freedom to do what you love. This also includes going to school for additional certifications or degrees or being a parent. Not only will this make you feel more fulfilled, but it’ll also inspire you in other areas of your life as well.

Serve Your Community

Some dental assistants choose to make their second jobs something that allows them to give back to their community or profession. Not only can you work at a dental practice every weekday, but you can also choose to be an instructor at a program as well. Other people find fulfillment by volunteering their time with organizations that have helped them in the past like their local food banks or shelters.
With your extra time, you can pursue your passion along with finding other rewarding positions that keep you on your toes and provide you with an extra financial cushion. This way, you can afford to do all the things you enjoy without worrying about balancing a strict monthly budget. If you’re a parent, dental assisting also gives you extra time in your schedule to attend school events and support your little ones!
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At A-Z School of Dental Assisting & Front Office, you can train to become a dental assistant in just 12 short weeks! We take pride in having skilled and knowledgeable instructors that are able to craft their students into well-rounded dental professionals. Whether you’re looking for a career change or enter into a field that you’re passionate about, dental assisting could be just what you’ve been searching for!  For questions about our program, or to visit our school, visit our website or contact 480-457-8330.

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