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Working a Second Job During Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix

May 20, 2019

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These days, especially among younger people, everyone has a side-hustle. Whether it’s walking dogs, babysitting, or even putting artistic ability to use, many people are working second jobs. As a part of this same trend, so are dental assistants. These second or part time jobs are important to a dental assistant’s life for various reasons, which are definitely worth knowing and understanding. Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why one may work a second job during dental assistant training in Phoenix.

#1. The Financial Freedom

One of the top reasons that many dental assistants work a second job is money. While most are content with their salary, an additional stream of income helps for those with families or who earn a paycheck that doesn’t cover all of their expenses. One example is Carly S., CDA, COA, who has worked second jobs in retail and service industries to help with her day-to-day costs.
“Dental assisting doesn’t pay enough for you to support yourself, so you have to work two jobs,” Carly believes. “Also, if the doctor is gone or we have days off, we have to supplement that money somehow.”
While dedicated to both jobs, Carly does feel exhausted at times: “I always get overworked. My second employer realized that I’m a good worker and tried to give me more shifts. I had to leave my second job.”
On the other hand, many dental assistants feel that they can balance both workloads, but that it’s all about time management. While they may not enjoy spending parts of the weekend away from their kids, the money that they make can help pay for their loved ones’ food and education.

#2. Pursuing Passion

Many dental assistants work second jobs to follow one of their passion points. Dental assisting is a great job to have as it is stable and brings income, however, some assistants have other interests. Some assistants take on freelance photography jobs or singing gigs as a way to express themselves and make a little extra money on the side. One assistant says, “I’m passionate about other things as well as dentistry and the added income helps.”
Additionally, some assistants may work a second job to test a new career path before diving in headfirst. This is a great way to save up money and really think about your career change before making a final decision.

#3. Giving Back to Dentistry

Some dental assistants educate the next generation in a dental assistant program in Phoenix to give their time back to the dental community. Some feel very strongly that in the dental health profession, it’s important to donate not only your money, but your knowledge and skill. One assistant says, “After serving nearly 40 years in my profession, it is important to me to give back to my profession,” Bonnie says.

#4. Serving the Community

While not necessarily earning money, many dental assistants donate their time, effort, and knowledge to serve their communities. One dental assistant who volunteers with the Girl Scouts of the USA says, “I wanted to give back to the young women in our area,” Carolyn elaborates. “It’s tiring at times to have two roles, but well worth it when I see these young women growing into strong and resourceful leaders of tomorrow.”
Dental assistants make the lives of their dentists and patients easier, but when it comes to their own lives outside of dentistry, they are incredibly hard-working.
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