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How Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Can Give You the Best Career

April 10, 2019

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Most dental assistants truly believe that they have the best job for the many things they have to look forward to each day. Whether you’re currently an assistant looking for more education or you’re considering dental assisting as a career, dental assistant training in Phoenix can help you get there! Keep reading to learn the many reasons why being a dental assistant is one of the best careers!

Helping Your Patients

Most dental assistants agree that one of the main reasons that they got into this field to begin with is the smile they put on their patients’ faces. Whether it’s helping to give someone a newly repaired and confident smile or providing care for those who typically fear the dentist, dental assistants receive joy everyday by helping their patients flash their pearly whites.

Working Together as a Team

Because communication in the dental office is so important, many dental assistants enjoy collaborating and working as a team to solve problems or provide treatments. They share advice, experiences, and mentorship to their teammates, which results in the practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Each Day is Different

There is no shortage of action when it comes to being a dental assistant. Each day, you may see a variety of cases that require personalized treatment and care. The variety of procedures, personalities, and patients makes the work interesting and exciting. Dental assistants enjoy that their jobs are never monotonous, but they fluctuate based on the needs of the office.

Constantly Learning

The dental field is constantly evolving as technology and techniques continue to develop. Many dental assistants and dentists alike attend continuing education courses to advance their career and practice. These courses offer insights into the most recent developments in dentistry. Many dental assistants enjoy this fast-paced work environment because they love growing and learning about their field.

Real Quotes from Real Dental Assistants

If you’re still wondering about dental assisting as a career, here are some quotes from experienced dental assistants on why they love what they do:

  • “The best thing, for me, is helping to change the mindset of the person who initially does not want to come to the dental office, but who returns to the office all smiles after you’ve created a trusting relationship with them,” says Janaya G., CDA.
  • Carla S., CDA, agrees that transforming patients’ outlooks and confidence is extremely rewarding. “When patients feel good about themselves, it shows,” Carla says. “That’s what being a chairside dental assistant is about: making sure that patients feel good about who they are.”
  • “I take pride in being that one person in the office everyone can count on — in being knowledgeable, respectable, dependable and a great team player,” Janaya says.
  • Karen E., CDA, agrees: “The best thing about being a dental assistant is being part of a team.”
  • “I love the flexibility with duties in dental assisting. You’re never doing the same thing — even with two patients in a row, usually. Everybody’s different,” shares Chanel M., CDA.
  • Emily S., CDA, also has had many different, rewarding experiences in the dental office. “The best thing about being a dental assistant is the wide variety of dental procedures that you do during the day,” she adds.
  • “The best thing about being a dental assistant is there is always room to grow and learn new things,” says Erin N., CDA.
  • “It’s important to me as a dental assistant to keep up-to-date with information and materials in the dental field,” echoes Emily S., CDA. “CE is important. We should always keep learning.”

Does it sound like you’re ready to make the jump into dental assisting as a career? Contact the dental assistant program in Phoenix to get started on a new occupation and lifestyle.
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