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5 Things That Your Dental Assistant Program in Phoenix Wants to Change

March 15, 2019

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Many dental assistants love their bosses (the dentists who they work for). However, some dental assistants would like to see their employers improve upon a few things to make their lives easier but to also better their practice. Keep reading to learn about 5 improvements that your dental assistant program in Phoenix wants to make to the average dental practice and their dentists.

#1. Pay Me What I’m Worth

Salary is always a hot topic for dental assistants because of their compensation for the many services that they provide. Because they have a broad knowledge of multiple facets of dentistry, some assistants feel that they should be payed more or as much as their professional counterparts.

#2. Invest in My Development to Better Your Practice

As time passes, dentistry continues to modernize. Because of these new technologies and techniques, it’s important for dentists and assistants alike to stay up-to-date. Continuing education courses can be taken to remain on top of the latest and greatest at the practice, but some dentists don’t see the value in investing in education for their assistants. Many dental assistants feel that investing in their development would not only help them open doors professionally, but also improve the practice overall.

#3. Give Me Time to Regroup

Dental assistants work long days in a fast-paced environment, so it’s important to allow them a few breaks throughout the day. The repetitive nature of their job puts them at risk for stress and injury, which is why it’s important to let them have time to eat lunch and maybe take a walk to stretch their legs.

#4. Treat Me the Way that You’d Want to Be Treated

With some reports of dentists screaming, yelling, or snapping at their patients during a time of stress, dental assistants feel that they should be treated with the same respect that they show. Dentists should understand that the amount of work assistants do each day deserves patience and value.

#5. A Thank You is Always Nice

A little gratitude never hurt anyone. Often the unsung heroes of the practice, some dental assistants feel that they rarely hear something as simple as a thank you. For the various tasks that they complete each day, a little gratitude can go a long way for a dental assistant.

Dental assistant Testimonials

  • “I’m a DANB CDA certificate and state RDA. I work for an orthodontist. I don’t make nearly as much as I should for the work that I do. I do love it though.” — Mary R., CDA
  • “Dentistry is asking dental assistants to do more clinical things. In order to do those things, an assistant needs to take classes or go back to school to be able to perform those functions. So, education is important.” — Mary H., CDA
  • “Having a strong work ethic doesn’t mean you work long hours without a break. It means working efficiently. Long hours will eventually become old. Please do yourself a favor and be strong! Ask for breaks. Dental assistants are people, too!” — Paolo F.
  • “When I was young in my career, I put up with it. Later in my career, I pulled the dentist aside and told him, ‘If you disrespect me in front of the patient, I will walk out and never come back!’” — Leslie C.
  • “There would be no dental practice without us! Appreciate us!”—Carol B.

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