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The Value of Dental Assistant Training in Mesa

March 10, 2019

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Dental assistants bring a lot of value to dental practices, but until now, it was never calculated. However, in a recent survey of nearly 3,000 dentists and hygienists, you can get a much clearer picture of the kind of advantages that having quality dental assistants can bring your practice. Keep reading to learn about the value that dental assistants offer and how dental assistant training in Mesa can improve your practice.

Boost Your Office Productivity

In the survey commissioned by the DALE Foundation, the official affiliate of the Dental Assisting National Board, 99% of dentists and office managers agreed that dental assistants contribute to the productivity of their practice. What’s even more astounding is that 97% agreed that quality dental assistants can help dentists move on to the next patient quicker, making the office more efficient. These assistants also help alleviate some of the stress and strain that falls on dentists during various procedures, which helps prevent dentists from tiring before the end of the day.

Want Better Overall Profitability?

With 97% of dental staff reporting that dental assistants contribute to the retention of patients, they are an incredibly important resource to have. Additionally, 91% say that having a dental assistant makes it more likely for the patient to accept their recommended treatment plan. This not only keeps your patients healthy, but it provides you with steadier profits.

Safety for Patients and Providers

A busy and successful dental office sees thousands of patients each year, and it’s vital that everyone is safe during each appointment. Dental assistants can help to take away some of the burden of certain duties, allowing for dentists and hygienists to focus more on their patients and their safety. 99% of survey participants said that dental assistants will typically sterilize and disinfect dental equipment, allowing for healthier and safe conditions as well.

Improve Your Purchasing Power

A high percentage of survey participants reported that dental assistants help with purchasing and recommending new products. Additionally, those who hold DANB’s CDA certification are more likely to independently meet with sales reps, make useful recommendations, and place orders for some products and services. This gives your dentist and office staff more time to care for your patients and stay organized.

Important Qualities and Traits

Dentists and managers alike said that their dental assistants show these incredible qualities: good patient care skills, willingness to learn, team player attitude, taking ownership of work, and showing initiative. Many dentists have also found that a well-trained dental hygienist can anticipate their needs before even speaking!

The Right Training and Education

Dental assistants can be great for your practice, but they must have the right training and education. Utilizing your dental assistants can improve your practice and maximize your overall performance. The key is to hire dental assistants that are trained and knowledgeable.
Besides training in the past, 86% of dentists say that continuing education is critical to the maintenance and positive improvement of dental assisting skills. So, if you have dental assistants at your practice or are thinking about hiring some, consider a dental assisting course in Mesa.
Are You an Effective Dental Assistant?
If you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant or improving your skillset to help your practice, contact our office today to take your first steps!

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