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Dental Assistant Training in Mesa Offers Help with the Emotions of Work

January 15, 2019

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Everyone wants to be a professional on the job. However, there are times when our hearts swell and we just can’t help but get emotional. Sometimes those moments are joyous, such as when the dental assistant training in Mesa helps us transform a patient’s smile. Of course, there are other situations when the emotion is strong sympathy for a patient going through a difficult procedure. Read this blog to learn how other dental assistants have handled various emotions on the job.

Tears of Joy

Karen tells the story of a patient that burst into tears when he finally got his smile back. His teeth had been knocked out in an accident and he spent years recovering physically and financially. When the dentist finally placed the bridge to replace his missing teeth, the patient looked in the mirror and he and everyone around him cried tears of joy.


There are moments in a dentist’s office that genuinely deserve celebration. Terri tells of one patient who was engaged to be married and desperately wanted to have her braces off before her wedding day. When the day came shortly before her big day that the dentist said, “We’re taking your brackets off today,” everyone let out a cheer!

Tough Day

Anytime a child needs to have serious dental work done is difficult, but perhaps nothing is more trying that when teeth must be extracted because of poor oral hygiene. Andrea remembers how everyone cried along with a three-year-old who was having teeth removed.

Team Trouble

Difficult days don’t only involve patients. Sometimes, dental assistants may have a tough day on the job because another member of the team. Disagreement is bound to happen. The best thing you can do is try to maintain a level head, state the facts and don’t become petty. And if you have to relieve the stress, take a walk during lunch rather than gossip with another member of the team.

Comfort and Care

After many years in one dentist’s office, Kelly had gotten to know many of her patients very well. In fact, some became true friends. She knew that one woman had recently lost her husband, and when she came into the office for her next appointment, all Kelly could do was hug her and cry, too.
Have you ever had a day at work that brought forth your emotions? The dental assistant course in Mesa would like to hear from you.

What Emotion Have Your Experienced at Work?
We’d love to hear stories about how you handled an emotional difficult day at the dental office. The dental assisting course in Mesa trains dental assistants to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in their patients’ lives. Contact us here.

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