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Moving to a New Office? Here are Tips from Dental Assistant School in Phoenix

December 21, 2018

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Congratulations! You’ve accepted a job in a new dental practice. With the application process and job interview in your rearview mirror, you might think the hard part is behind you. That could be true, but this blog from a dental assistant school in Phoenix has information that could make your first few days at the new place easier and more enjoyable.

Expect Changes

At the start, you’ll probably go through some sort of training process, so you get to know how the office works. You may discover that your new employer and staff do things differently than how they were done in your last office. That’s to be expected, but remember—this can be educational. Keep an open mind and go with the flow. You may discover that new methods are a great way to expand your skill set.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You’re new for goodness sake! Of course you’re going to have questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. Even if the details of your work were explained during the interview and you have an office handbook, you still won’t know about work style, for example, until you are on the job. With time and patience, you’ll get up to speed. In the meantime, ask questions and jot down the answers if that helps you.

Understanding State Requirements

Whether your new job is in the same state where you’ve been working or you are relocating to another state, know the dental assisting requirements. You can start at the DANB website to find out all the information you need to know state-by-state. Don’t forget to check on a state’s continuing dental education requirements, as well.

Hang In There

Change is hard. Give yourself time and be patient. If you become frustrated, take a deep breath and realize that things are bound to get better as you acclimate to your new dentist, staff and office. Stay calm, be professional and before you know it, you’ll be the one offering advice to a new dental assistant just starting out!
Have you recently started a new job? The dental assisting program in Phoenix would like to hear about your first day and the advice you now have to offer.

What Have You Told the Dentist
We’d love to hear stories about how you acclimated to a new dental office. The hands-on dental assisting school in Phoenix trains dental assistants to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in their patients’ lives. Contact us here.

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