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Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix Lets Dentists Hear What You Have to Say!

December 12, 2018

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Luckily, many dental assistants work with exceptional dentists. However, there are some that wish the dentist could read their minds so they wouldn’t get so frustrated on the job. Well, dentists aren’t mind readers. After dental assistant training in Phoenix, you’re more than “just an assistant.” You’re an important member of the team! So speak up and courteously tell the dentist how you feel. Here are some ideas.

I Am Dedicated to My Patients

Dental assistants are often drawn to the profession because they love to help people and their hearts are full of compassion. Your job might include helping patients overcome their fears, so they can have the best possible dental experience.
In an effort to provide the best patient care, you and other dental assistants often enroll in continuing education courses. This way, you’re able to provide better service and more information that patients can use.

I’m More Than a Cog in the Wheel!

You are an important member of the team, performing critical duties such as infection control tasks and expanded functions if you’re certified. You may even help with scheduling and other front office duties. In fact, patients often spend more time with dental assistants than with the dentist. Therefore, a returning patient may be to your credit.

Let Me Learn

Most dental assistants graduate from a dental assisting course in Phoenix, but some learn on-the-job. Either way, continuing dental education and DANB certification are things that most aspire to have, because dentistry is always advancing. And most genuinely value learning from a dentist mentor.

Dental Assistants Try Hard

And speaking of learning… while you’re doing that, you really do try your best. However, there is bound to be a curve. Dental assistants really appreciate a kind word of encouragement and patience when teammates help them to do better.

Please and Thank You

Manners count in a dentist’s office. Saying please and thank you go a long way between a dentist and his staff. Just simply acknowledging that your hard work is appreciated can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day.
What else would you say to the dentist? Let the dental assistant training program in Phoenix know.

What Have You Told the Dentist
We’d love to hear stories about what you’ve told the dentist and how they reacted. The hands-on dental assisting school in Phoenix trains dental assistants to pursue a professional career and be caring and involved in their patients’ lives. Contact us here.

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